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Male Admission to Nightclubs Way More Than Girls!
By viptablereservationscal Aug 21, 2013


It is no secret that the nightclub business is more successful with more girls in club than guys. This is nightclub rule 101. Hakkasan in Las Vegas for Tiesto has tickets for Girls at $30, but a guy has to shell out $100. A lot of times we get VIP Table Reservation requests for Hakkasan, LIV, XS, and more for a group of guys, but the budget selected is 1k.

Choosing a Budget when looking for VIP Table at Miami or Las Vegas Nightclub
By viptablereservationscal Aug 09, 2013


I recently had a request for a VIP Table for Hardwell at Story Miami. The group was 7 guys / 5 girls. When you fill out our form we have a budget in which you select. Most everyone selects the lowest budget. This lead with 7 guys/ 0 girls selects 1k - 1500 for VIP.


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