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vip table reservations

EZVIP A Big Shark Tank Flop! VIP Table Reservations Still Going Strong!
By viptablereservationscal Jul 13, 2015

tags was on shark tank about VIP Table Reservations and making it Easy to book a VIP Table online. They even have updates about it, but let's face it this company has no clue. Where did the investment go? The website is terrible in my opinion. Enter your email right away on the homepage? Really? What a horrible introduction into a business.

Galavantier - Director of Promotions - Matt Taylor Threatens VIP Table Reservations with Lawsuit!
By viptablereservationscal Nov 03, 2014


So, we get a message from this idiot Matt Taylor who works for Galvantier in Las Vegas saying "enjoy the law suet" - Idiot can't even spell lawsuit, but we are supposed to "Stay out of Vegas" and "enjoy the law suet." What a moron. We will give it up to Galvantier though they have a website that is ridiculously well done.

Male Admission to Nightclubs Way More Than Girls!
By viptablereservationscal Aug 21, 2013


It is no secret that the nightclub business is more successful with more girls in club than guys. This is nightclub rule 101. Hakkasan in Las Vegas for Tiesto has tickets for Girls at $30, but a guy has to shell out $100. A lot of times we get VIP Table Reservation requests for Hakkasan, LIV, XS, and more for a group of guys, but the budget selected is 1k.


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